AirTouch 4 Coming Soon to Ford & Doonan - Ford & Doonan

AirTouch 4 Coming Soon to Ford & Doonan

AirTouch 4 Smart Air Conditioning Controllers

State of the art climate control. Ever dreamt of having total control over your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner? Say Hello to AirTouch 4, for smart control of your home’s air conditioning, from anywhere.

Comfort & Efficiency

Compatible with leading brands, AirTouch 4 is a smart air conditioning controller that lets you manage temperatures and airflow in up to 16 zones and two independent AC units from a touch screen, your mobile or tablet via WiFi or the internet. Sit back, relax and let AirTouch take care of your home’s climate control, making you more comfortable and helping save energy.

  • Smartphone and tablet integration
  • Control 2 AC Units  and up to 16 Zones
  • Superior Safety Features
  • Smart Energy Management
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