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Builders Breakfast 2014

Andrew Ford & John Lees
Andrew Ford & John Lees
Andrew Ford & John Lees

Ford & Doonan was proud to host this year’s annual Builders Breakfast again at Frasers, Kings Park.

The lovely location set the day up to be a very inspiring and insight full one. After a nice breakfast and constructive chats between Ford & Doonan staff and our Builders, John Lees took the stage. John Lees is an expert on marketing and sales. Ford & Doonan brought him from Sydney to Perth, to for a special one hour treat for our builders. John Lees, who was also quite the comedian, capturing the audience through his great jokes, also on a more serious note talked about “selling in the second (value) gap”!

His talk was very inspiring, not only to the builders but the Ford & Doonan Team, giving everyone not only new motivation but also ideas on how to improve and be more creative with their sales and marketing. It is very hard to describe the great atmosphere and productivity in the room; however, with all the notes that were taken, further enquiries made, we are very happy that it was such a great successful morning.

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