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Custom designed solutions

If you’re a Builder who needs a reliable, high-quality Air Conditioning supplier and installer, this is the right place for you. At Ford & Doonan we only install and supply the best quality air conditioning that you can rely on. They are custom designed to your client’s needs.

  • I like the fact that Ford & Doonan still have a person to talk to on the phone and still puts customer service as a priority.

    Paul Brian South Perth

Ford & Doonan already have strong relationships with some of Perth’s small and largest builders, supplying the building industry with small residential to large commercial systems. Tailored packages are available to you and your clients, depending on their needs, and no matter how many houses are being built. These packages will be designed to suit your clients budget, needs and lifestyle.

The Ford & Doonan Builders Direct Team will happily consult with your clients and discuss any upgrades, changes or issues they have in regards to the air conditioning system. That will allow custom designs that are most suitable to their lifestyle making them comfortable all year round.

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