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Information you need to know when installing a Ford & Doonan Air Conditioner through your builder.

Many of Perth’s best home builders use Ford & Doonan. If your new home comes with a Ford & Doonan air conditioning system, you can rest assured your air conditioner is installed to last.. We know everyone.

Energy Efficiency

  • Premium Ducting insulation will lighten the load on your system and save on running costs
  • Improve your outdoor units performance


Customise your system to your needs, your environment and your lifestyle. With a range of control systems available, each offering additional benefits, it’s a breeze to control your system exactly the way you want to.

  • Additional controllers
  •  Controlling your system remotely
  • Zone controllers


Adapt your system easily to suit your lifestyle, and make sure your home feels exactly how you want it to – all year round.

  • Extra outlets
  • Extra zones for added comfort
  • Type of outlets

Ford & Doonan also offer Special Pre-Start Upgrade Bundles. Enquire today with the builder’s direct team to hear about the special offer on the most popular upgrades in ENERGY EFFICIENCYINNOVATION and CUSTOMISATION.

Enquire today and setup your air conditioning prestart meeting with one of our Builders Direct participating store (your builders can direct you to the correct store who handle their work.

Builders Contact

Head Office and Melbourne Builders Direct Contact

Phone: 1800 AIR CON

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