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COVID 19 Air Conditioning Safety

Ford & Doonan COVID-19 Announcement

Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Systems have developed and are implementing the following strategies for COVID-19.At Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning, the health and safety of our staff and customers is our priority and we have implemented the following measures at Ford & Doonan stores in response to COVID-19. New Sales Enquires and Installation Visits …

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Ford & Doonan - Make sure this is not you this summer

Be comfortable in your home during the hot summer months

Halfway through spring? Summer is right around the corner. Remember those balmy summer nights, melting ice cream, hot seatbelts…ahh all those memories are coming back. So, how do you stay cool during the summer season? With a Ford & Doonan a/c of course! However, did you know there’s a few ways you can make your …

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Keeping warm in Winter with an efficiency upgrade

There is no denying that having an air conditioning in winter or summer makes life much more comfortable. Even on the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter, having a reliable unit can ensure that you are comfortable all year round.

Home Monitoring – even your watchdog can relax

The smart and simple solution for home monitoring can now be found at Ford & Doonan with Panasonic.  Simple to use and very reliable, our home monitoring system is extremely discreet, easy to install and always watching. No matter where you are, you’ll always know what is going on at home. For more details click …

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Ford & Doonan Tips

Emergency Drain

Not quite sure why you have an emergency drain, or how important it is? Glenn from the Ford & Doonan Service Department explains what you need to know about your emergency drain in the video below. It is very important to keep an eye on this, as it can be an indicator of faults needing …

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How your Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning will look and work!

Not quite sure about your air conditioning installation? Have not decided which company to choose, or wonder what it will look like in your roof? This video will explain all the important elements that affect your day to day life after installing your air conditioning system. Not only that, it also explains how the system …

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How to keep warm this winter with Air Conditioning

As we are starting to head in the colder months of the year, we are looking to be nice and warm at home. However, heating and cooling can be rather expensive, especially as it makes up around 40% of your household energy bill.

How to clean your filter – Video

It is very easy to clean your reusable air conditioning filters. To ensure that your Air Conditioning System runs at its best efficiency and you receive quality air it is important to maintain and clean your filters regularly. Airflow can be reduced up to 50% due to clogged or dirty filters that block airflow and …

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