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Ford & Doonan specialise in refrigerated ducted air conditioning (reverse cycle). This means our systems give complete climate control which is perfect for both cooling and heating Perth homes. With over 35 years of experience, we are the ducted air conditioning Perth specialists to go to. Refrigerated air conditioning is connected to ducts which distribute cool or warm air to multiple rooms or spaces. Refrigerated ducted air conditioning can range in sizes and start from 2.5kW (1.0hp).


The advantage of refrigerated ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is that it quietly, effectively and inconspicuously allows you to take total control of your indoor climate. Ducted systems are flexible meaning that you can tailor them to your exact requirements. They offer the best value for money if you compare the area you need air conditioned against the cost.

How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Ducted air conditioning works simply by funneling cool air from the indoor unit to travel through a number of ducts to the rooms in your home or office coming out of the roof or wall, called outlets. This circulation is normally zoned which allows for you to control airflow, temperature and turning off unused zones. This reduces running costs and creates a comfortable temperature through your home or office on hot summer days or cold winter evenings.

If you are looking for more reasons to choose ducted reverse cycle as your next air conditioner, then here are some pointers:

  • You get full control over temperature and zone control for each individual room (when a zoned system is installed)
  • Even air distribution in your home or office throughout those steamy summer days
  • The bonus of energy efficiency to cool, heat or maintain the temperature of your home or office.
  • Noise reduction throughout the house or office.
  • Longer life expectancy when serviced regularly based on manufacturer’s guide


Because refrigerated ducted air conditioning is reverse cycle this means it can heat your home too. This makes it a more economical choice for all Australian climates.



One of the great things about reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is that servicing is very cost effective. Domestic systems can need as little as one service each year, depending on how they are used.

If you have washable filters installed in your return air grille, Ford & Doonan recommend that these are cleaned bi-monthly in domestic systems and once a month in commercial ones. Cleaning can be done either yourself or, if you prefer, you can schedule Ford & Doonan to do it for you.

For more information including ducted air conditioning prices contact Ford & Doonan, your ducted air conditioning Perth specialists.


Refrigerated air conditioning is the healthier way to cool or heat your home or business. It not only controls the temperature of the air but the humidity too and because the air it pumps into your home is fresh, it is the perfect solution for those concerned about the quality of the air they breathe, as well as asthma or allergy sufferers. In fact The Allergy Research Foundation actually recommends reverse cycle refrigerated air conditioning to create a healthier environment.

Ensure that you regularly clean both the return air and fresh air filters and your home will be kept at a constant low allergen level. To further boost your building’s air quality you can add Ford & Doonan’s exclusive “Clean Air Pack” to your system.

AirTouch 4

Looking for the perfect companion for your new ducted air conditioner? Look no further than the AirTouch 4. Taking your ducted system to new heights and a new level of comfort, energy efficiency and smart home capabilities, with entirely integrated control for multiple air conditioning units and up to as many as 16 zones in your home.


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