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Ford & Doonan provides evaporative air conditioning in Perth. We have been in the Air Conditioning industry since 1985 and are Perth’s largest residential and light commercial air conditioning company.


Can I upgrade my evaporative air conditioner to a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner?

Yes, you can. But unfortunately, you cannot re-use the ducting. This is because the evaporative ducting is sized differently to what is required for reverse cycle ducted air conditioning.

Ford & Doonan recognise evaporative air conditioning as an important market. With energy costs on the rise and the benefits Evaporative offer in this regard, it is time Ford & Doonan entered this market.

Ford & Doonan is the best option when you decide to install evaporative cooling. We will only supply and install the best brands – BREEZAIR, BRAEMAR AND COOLAIR.


The world’s coolest, quietest and most energy efficient evaporative air conditioning. Breezair cools your whole home from the cost of running a single light globe.

  • Up to 90% cheaper to run than ducted reverse air conditioning
  • Uses up to 98% less water than a shower
  • New breakthrough mini-cell Chillcel® pad technology – up to 21% more cooling!
  • Australian made
  • With advanced MagIQtouch Controller

Braemar evaporative air conditioning is a proven high performer and a household name in Australia.

  • Braemar Superstealth – world’s first high performance inverter axial evaporative air conditioner!
  • 65 year history of Australian excellence
  • With advanced MagIQtouch Controller
  • Australian made

Coolair… Australia’s greatest value-for-money home cooling! Coolair is a perfect natural cooling solution for Australian homes.

  • High performance evaporative air conditioning
  • Quiet whole-of-home cooling
  • Incredibly low running costs
  • Advanced MagIQtouch Controller available as an upgrade
  • Australian made

Evaporative Air Conditioning Pro’s and Con’s


  • Inexpensive to purchase compared to reverse cycle ducted air conditioner
  • Ensures whole home refreshed air with 100% outside air
  • Running cost is approximately 10% of reverse cycle. This equates to roughly 10c per hour compared to $100/hr for a large reverse cycle ducted system



  • Doesn’t perform well in humid weather or during rainy period vs. reverse cycle ducted air conditioners that dehumidify
  • Evaporative air conditioners have a basic air filter system whereby some particles are captured, but  doesn’t match reverse cycle ducted air conditioners or split systems with high levels of filtration
  • Does use a lot of water during dry weather conditions vs. reverse cycle ducted air conditioners that can run in both the beating heat of summer and the frosty winter
  • Not suited for those with respiratory issues (due to basic filters) vs. reverse cycle ducted washable or advanced pleated Clean Air Filter packs
  • Big box mounted on the roof vs: slim, concealed outdoor condensing unit (mounted on brackets) or on ground level for safety reasons
  • Roof mounted evaporative unit means servicing can be a safety issue and therefore costly vs: easily serviceable outdoor unit for both reverse cycle ducted air conditioners and split systems
  • Less control over air flow. More of an “on or off” with little to no air volume flow control vs. reverse cycle ducted air conditioners that can have advanced zoning with either percentage or temperature set point controls for various rooms on one single system
  • More regular servicing and maintenance required than equivalent reverse cycle ducted air conditioner
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