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F&D Air Guiders

Ford & Doonan Air Guiders

Is your air conditioning unit not running at full efficiency? This might help:
One of the reasons can be that the outdoor unit is close to walls. Houses nowadays are built on smaller blocks, the fences are rather close to the house. This restricts the airflow in those areas. The Ford & Doonan Air Guiders are a cost effective solution to this problem.

The air guiders are designed to direct air up and away from any obstruction at an 45 degree angle. This allows hot air in summer an cool air in winter to be recirculated. The result, more efficient operation and decreased running costs of the outdoor unit. Furthermore the air guiders reduce wear and tear on your outdoor unit. Therefore the service lifetime is improved as is the comfort of your home.

Air Guiders can be retrofitted to most outdoor unit.

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