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Ford & Doonan Sales Big Day Out 2013

It was the time of the year again for the sales teams of all our Ford & Doonan stores to come together to celebrate the sales of 2012 to 2013.

However, before we started celebrating our sales team got an insight into the power of body language by David Alssema. David gave our team insight into improving customer relationships through acting upon body language and most importantly portraying the right body language to our clients. The session was far too short as all our staff got involved asking questions from previous experiences. This small training session was of great impact to all our staff as David did a fantastic job.

After a short break with some refreshments everyone was eager to talk about the sales awards. The numbers achieved were exceptional.

Special congratulations go out to our Franchise of the Year 2013 Ford & Doonan Bunbury. After a fantastic year of hard work they have earned it.

Franchise of the Year 2013 Ford & Doonan Bunbury
Franchise of the Year 2013 Ford & Doonan Bunbury

We are looking forward to another great year at Ford & Doonan.

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