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Ford & Doonan Sundowner

Sundowner 20151.5.2015, Fremantle Annexe Royal Perth Yacht Club. The perfect date to celebrate another good summer season at Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning, as it is labour day in most European countries.

The Ford & Doonan staff of Kardinya and Joondalup got together to celebrate a great season 2014/2015. When Andrew Ford spoke to the staff, he underlined this, as the sales are up, even in a market that is becoming much more difficult. Which is the reason, why Ford & Doonan staff need to stay on top of their game, especially now. The company has high goals for the future, even after 30 years in the industry, the company is still striving for the best customer service and solutions in the industry.

After Andrew Ford and Kyle Doonan spoke to the team and reiterated the Ford & Doonan vision for the next 3 years it was time to celebrate. Ben Darsow, a comedian entertained the team. The jokes were rolling and everyone had to give in laughing, some sore cheek muscles were the result. What a way to end the summer season and also start the celebrations for the upcoming 30th Ford & Doonan Birthday.


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