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The smart and simple solution for home monitoring.

Simple to use and very reliable, our home monitoring system is extremely discreet, easy to install and always watching. No matter where you are, you’ll always feel at home.

Keep connected with direct vision to your mobile.

Utilising a smart phone APP, the Panasonic Home Monitoring System can be as simple as one camera at your front door.

Or you can incorporate an entire home monitoring and security system that can be controlled from your mobile phone.

You can choose clever security options such as:

  • Up to 4 cameras (combining indoor and outdoor)
  • Log-in from your mobile phone and see camera vision 24/7
  • Cameras with night vision
  • Security sensors include motion sensors, plus window and door sensors
  • Security features such as alerts to your phone (if a security sensor is activated at home)
  • Two-way communication capability
  • Automatic recording settings
  • Remote control of multiple devices – switch on devices (such as your washing machine or stereo) from selected power points.
  • Can be hard-wired to control groups of lights
  • Smart control for multiple timer functions (turn lights on and off)
    Keep connected with direct vision to your mobile.

Experience the Ford & Doonan difference.

The trusted reputation of Ford & Doonan makes us the perfect fit for home monitoring. As WA’s air conditioning experts for over 30 years, we employ a team of experienced tradespeople. We understand your home is your castle and we treat you with respect. Even more, our 30 year-plus relationship with Panasonic gives us a big head start when negotiating a price advantage. And with our superior admin and office support, we can facilitate the supply, installation and commissioning of your new Panasonic home monitoring system quickly and easily. Call now.

Save money with an integrated install.

If you’re contemplating an air conditioning upgrade, why not kill two birds with one stone and save. We can install your security system while we install your new air conditioning. Yes, by integrating the plans – and the tradespeople – you can reduce the time and bundle the costs.

Please note: home monitoring systems are currently only available at Kardinya and Joondalup stores.

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