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Panasonic have long been established as one of the leading air conditioning brands and have been cooling and heating homes in Perth and Western Australia for decades. At Ford & Doonan, we are one of the top Panasonic dealers in the state offering a wide range of air conditioning systems, from small Panasonic split system air conditioners to large custom designed ducted air conditioning solutions.

Ford & Doonan and Panasonic

Ford & Doonan has a long established relationship with Panasonic. By choosing Ford & Doonan to install your Panasonic air conditioning unit, you benefit from this experience and expertise as our staff are able to perfectly match your needs with the right Panasonic product. At Ford & Doonan we don’t just sell air conditioners, we provide tailored solutions.

Why Panasonic for Air Conditioning?

  • ECO patrol system to sense and measure human activity to match the perfect amount of airflow with the room’s activity.
  • Smart connectivity options on selected models with Smart Cloud solutions and home automation integration.
  • NanoeX air purification that helps fight pollution and allergens using special ionizer air purification technology. Applicable to select models.
  • Nanoe G air purification that removes 99%*1**2 of airborne bacteria and viruses to enhance indoor air quality and eliminate micro organisms. Applicable to select Panasonic’s ECONAVI models.

Not Sure Which Panasonic System is Right for

If you’re still in the market for an air conditioner, but not sure which one best suits your needs, then take a look at Ford & Doonan’s Buyers Guide video. We provide an overview of reverse cycle ducted, split systems and evaporative air conditioning systems.

*1 PM2.5 Removal was certified by FCG Research Institute, Inc.

**2Airborne Removal was certified by Kitasato Research centre for Environmental Science.

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