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Split system air conditioners are a good choice for those wanting the comfort of an air con unit in a room or certain area of the house. They are ideal for town houses, apartments, small houses, or offices. Our quality systems are both compact and powerful, while still being quiet and energy efficient. The name ‘split’ derives from the fact that this type of system consists of both an indoor and an outdoor unit.


Our new range of systems boast even more efficiencies and are the most energy efficient split systems yet. These systems include Daikin, which have pleasing design as well as functional appeal. These systems have air purifying filters ensuring that fresh, conditioned air flows to every corner of the room.

The indoor unit is flexible and you have the option of choosing from:

  • A wall mounted unit
  • A floor console
  • A below the ceiling unit
  • A ceiling cassette

Which split system air conditioner you choose may depend on the capacity of the unit you require: wall mounted units range from 2.5kW (1.0HP) through to 10kW (4.0HP) whilst below ceiling or ceiling cassettes go up to 14kW (6.0HP).

Ford & Doonan provide only the highest quality units which give complete climate control by cooling the house in the summer and warming the house in the winter.

For more information on split air conditioning and ducted air conditioning, and which system will suit your needs, contact your local Ford & Doonan team today.

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